Renovation Service Proposal

It is difficult for people to leave a comfortable house. You often see others sharing newly renovated houses on the Internet, when you look at your own house, would it look entirely different? Renovations and Transforming don’t have to cost a lot, you just need to know if they’re worth it.

We have what you want, what you like! Scandinavian, Japanese Muji-Feel, Minimalist, Contemporary, Great Dark and more can be done! We provide a wide range of renovation and furniture products, as well as varied styles of decoration designs that you can choose from, making us your one-stop decoration company!

What is one-stop? A simple understanding is that EVERYTHING we Settle for you, you just need to sit back and chill.

✅Electrical Wiring
✅Hidden Wires
✅Living room
✅Various Built In
✅Master Bedroom & Other’s Bedroom
✅Electrical appliances
✅and many more. . .

We’ll Settle for you. We’re not afraid of your request, we’re just afraid that you don’t have any alternative ideas❗

The Correct Process of Renovation ✔️:
Select the Renovation Style > Check on the Interior Design > Choose Suitable Materials > Get Quotation > Payment > Supervise the Project > Have fun and enjoy your Dream House 🏠
The Incorrect Process of Renovation ❌:
Ask the price > Compare the price > Ask Family Members > Ask Friends > Ask Colleagues > Find Somewhere Cheaper than the Price > The Price is low, but the material is very poor > After the Renovation Completed, no one follows up on all kinds of problems > Throw Good Money after Bad

Providing professional advice and suggestions is part of what we do, and we aim to provide quality and integrity. Saving what you can, spending what you need.

Feel free to contact us for more details!
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Let’s work together on your next Renovation project

Spend Right, Live Light Lifestyle will be improve if you spend the money in the right place